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Test in Microbiology

SR. NO Department Test
1. Microbiology Chikungunya by PCR
2. Microbiology Culture and sensitivity anaerobic
3. Microbiology Culture and sensitivity pyogenic
4. Microbiology Culture stool
5. Microbiology Drug sensitivity for TB 10 drugs panel
6. Microbiology Fungal ID and Sensitivity
7. Microbiology TB-PCR by TrueNat 1 specimen
8. Microbiology HBV viral load
9. Microbiology HCV RNA Quantitative
10. Microbiology HLA-B27 by PCR
11. Microbiology HPV DNA test PCR method
12. Microbiology Line Probe Assay
13. Microbiology Nocardia/Modified ZN Stain/Fite faraco stain
14. Microbiology Non-tuberculous mycobacteria sensitivity
15. Microbiology Non-tuberculous mycobacteria sensitivity & speciation
16. Microbiology Non-tuberculous mycobacteria speciation
17. Microbiology HLA-B27 by PCR
18. Microbiology PCP (Pneumocyctis carinii) test
19. Microbiology stool for hanging drop
20. Microbiology AFB/ZN Stain
21. Microbiology Conjunctival smear
22. Microbiology Fungal stain/KOH preparation
23. Microbiology Slit skin preparation & Modified ZN stain for lepra bacilli
24. Microbiology Culture AFB Bactec
25. Microbiology Culture Fungal
26. Microbiology MOTT ID and Sensitivity
27. Microbiology Dengue PCR
28. Microbiology SARS CoV-2 Detection by Rapid PCR
29. Microbiology Surveillance Culture Air
30. Microbiology Culture water
31. Microbiology Spore Test / Biological indicator test
32. Microbiology Culture and sensitivity Urine
33. Microbiology PCJ Inculsion
34. Microbiology Xpert MTB-XDR
35. Microbiology Culture and sensitivity Sterile body fluid
36. Microbiology Biofire- respiratory / pneumonia panel
37. Microbiology Dengue+Chikungunya Combo PCR
38. Microbiology Bacterial Endotoxin Test Water
39. Microbiology Influenza A - H1 PCR
40. Microbiology Culture food - 5 samples
41. Microbiology LRTI Panel Microbiology
42. Microbiology Sterility testing Culture
43. Microbiology Screening test by Surveillance Culture
44. Microbiology ID or Sensitivity on Vitek- Single/additional organism
45. Microbiology Xpert Carba-R assay
46. Microbiology KOH preparation with scrapping procedure
47. Microbiology Microbial Limit Test (MLT)
48. Microbiology Tube Widal test
49. Microbiology Staining
50. Microbiology Aerobic culture
51. Microbiology Automated blood & body fluid culture
52. Microbiology MIC based Antibiotic sensitivity testing
53. Microbiology Fungus culture

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