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Test in Histopathology

SR. NO Department Test
1. Histopathology ALK IHC testing
2. Histopathology Biopsy
3. Histopathology Biopsy large
4. Histopathology Bone marrow biopsy
5. Histopathology EGFR+Alk+Ros1
6. Histopathology FISH for Her2-neu
7. Histopathology Frozen Section
8. Histopathology Heavy Metal Test -1
9. Histopathology KRAS mutation detection by RT-PCR
10. Histopathology NRAS mutation detection by RT-PCR
11. Histopathology PD-1
12. Histopathology HRR Panel
13. Histopathology MET
14. Histopathology PD-L1
15. Histopathology P16 Marker
16. Histopathology NGS lung panel with PDL1
17. Histopathology PD-L1 (22C3)

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