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Test in Haematology

SR. NO Department Test
1. Heamtology Absolute neutrophil count
2. Heamtology Absolute Eosinophil Count
3. Heamtology DCT / Direct Coombs Test
4. Heamtology ESR
5. Heamtology Fluorescent Platelets with IPF
6. Heamtology Hb
7. Heamtology Indirect Coomb's test (ICT)
8. Heamtology Meth-Hemoglobin
9. Heamtology Microfilaria
10. Heamtology MP
11. Heamtology MTHFR
12. Heamtology Cold And Warm Antibody
13. Heamtology PCV
14. Heamtology solubility test for sickling
15. Heamtology TC
16. Heamtology Blood Group (Auto)
17. Heamtology CBC Complete
18. Heamtology DC
19. Heamtology Hb Electrophoresis
20. Heamtology Platelet count
21. Heamtology TC DC
22. Heamtology PRP
23. Heamtology Reticulocytes
24. Heamtology PNH Study
25. Heamtology CBC with PS

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